How to Add My Blog to Google News [Google News]

Google News is Google’s favorite news platform where you can not only get informed but also serve as a source of information for many users…

And earn money at the same time.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to include your blog in Google News.

And we will see step-by-step all the instructions that will ensure the success of your application.

You just have to take some time to follow everything you will learn.

Understanding Google News

As I mentioned at the beginning, Google News is a news platform/aggregator that, in simple words,

What it does is take the RSS of your website and place that news that qualifies within its quality standards to be published.

For this, it is necessary to know what can be done and what cannot be done, as the categories of content that Google News accepts, and keep in mind that when it comes to Google.

It will know if we want to do something against its policies.

So my recommendation is not to violate them to avoid being able to enjoy the benefits offered to us for a long time.

What type of content is allowed?

First, it is necessary to understand what is news and what is not.

A news item is a fact related to current events.

This means that you cannot publish content about past events or events that are not recent because it is against Google News policies.

If your blog is about tutorials, advice, diets, or historical reviews, it may not be accepted.

It is also necessary that your website meets the minimum requirements of the editorial format of a newspaper.

But we will see that in detail in the requirements that you need to meet.

The content categories are varied, but the primary requirement is that they be news.

And current affairs and that they meet the objective of Informing the user.

You also need to take into account that the news has different types of formats.

And you must know how to differentiate it when sending the inclusion request:

  • PressRelease (visible): An official press release
  • Satire (visible): An article that presents a topic in a mocking tone for educational purposes
  • Blog (visible): Any article published on a blog or in a blog format
  • OpEd: An opinion piece from the opinion pieces section of your website
  • Opinion: Any other opinion that does not appear on the opinion articles page, such as reviews, interviews, etc.
  • UserGenerated: Newsworthy, user-generated content that has passed a formal editorial review process on your website

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the benefits that Google News brings us are:

  • Natural link building from different sources.
  • Organic traffic is interesting in our topic.
  • You don’t need to do SEO to be able to have visits to a new blog.
  • Generates a status of trust for potential clients.
  • You can generate a brand in less time.

But we know that with Google not everything is profits, it also has some disadvantages :

  • You will always be in the spotlight and you can be banned.
  • You must comply with all policies or you will be banned.
  • Don’t even think about adding a topic that does not correspond to the category of content you have entered in Google News… Or you will be banned.
  • Your blog must be constantly updated, otherwise, you lose the objective of being on Google News (that’s right, you guessed it, you can also be banned).

You need to take into account that any bad step you take while on the platform means banning your site.

So you have to take great care of these websites to obtain good benefits $$.

Requirements to add my blog

  • The website you want to include must be validated as your property (Google Analytics/Search Console).
  • Create profile sheets for each author where you include name, brief description, social networks, and photo, the goal is to make it look natural and real.
  • You must have at least 2 editors (it is not necessary, but you must create 2 or more editor profiles, even if they are fictitious).
  • You must publish at least 3 articles daily.
  • Articles must be at least 300 words.
  • The website must have the following pages or sections: Authors, contact, policies, and About.
  • The structure of the URL must be easy to understand for Google, in my case I always choose this format:

You can try other formats, but this is the one that has always worked for me.

  • If your website covers other topics and not just news, you must create a separate category where you place the news, for example, and that will be the one we add to Google News, keep in mind that only what you place in that category will be taken as news.
  • If your blog is news, but is multi-thematic, it is recommended that you separate the news by categories, for example,
  • DO NOT place advertising before including your website and if you already have advertising included, my recommendation is that the website is not saturated with ads, I usually have 2 or 3 ads on my websites after including them, not before.

Application process

It’s time to get to work, but as I mentioned before.

I recommend that you finish reading the entire article before you can take action with your website.

I hope that you have read well the requirements that I mentioned above and that your website is fulfilling them.

If not, you will have lost the opportunity and will have to wait 6 months to resubmit the inclusion request.

Steps to include my blog in Google News:

1 – Click on the following link

2 – Search for the website you want to add

3 – Click on Request inclusion in Google News

4 – Fill out the fields that will appear

5 – Then you click on Send and you must wait for the request to be approved or rejected, in any case, they will send you an email notifying you.

Forms of monetization

One of the benefits that we all hope for is that Google News allows us to earn money.

Especially to take advantage of the fact that it sends us recurring traffic.

But the problem is not to make the typical mistake of overpopulating our blog with advertising because in the end.

We will end up being expelled from the blog, program and they are also removing all of our previous content from Google News.

So I’m going to show you the right ways to monetize all the benefits you will get without running the risk of bans.


If you are good with affiliate systems, the ideal is that you do not put a store on the web that is visible to users, nor will you be able to set up a complete e-commerce.

But rather, you should put your cunning to work, for example, depending on the type of website you have.

you could work with affiliates in the following way (always taking into account that what you publish is news):

A) Create a page or post where you have some affiliate products, but don’t go overboard.

Publish a news story with a related topic and add a link or call to action to the page/post where your affiliate links are.

B) Create a news item where you mention a list of x things and put your affiliate link in one of the elements of the list, but without making it so striking.

C) Put a widget in the sidebar where you can place up to a maximum of 4 affiliate products, you can pin it too.

D) Capture leads through a subscription field and then monetize your lists with Email Marketing.

Note: Never post a news item to make a redirect.

Google News Reviews

If you are dedicated to selling reviews, you could include some.

But respecting the topic that you have included in Google News without doing it in a spammy way.

For example, for every 10 news articles you can include 1 or 2 reviews and highlight the fact that you are on Google News, don’t give away reviews for a couple of dollars.


You can put between 2 or 3 ads in the content, Google News checks the code of the articles to know if they are full of advertising.

So be very careful, better place well-optimized ads to do A/B tests.

Place a map of heat to know what is the best position, where users spend the most time, where they click the most, and with all that information optimize.

Direct Clients

Another way that works best is to sell spaces to clients directly, with the number of visits and the good metrics that you will achieve if you do your job well.

I assure you that you will be able to get good clients who will pay you for a fixed space and you can charge them monthly.

you can also sell sponsored posts to different brands related to your topic or even reviews of x product.

Here the trick is knowing how to integrate what you sell into the content of your blog.

Sale of Inclusion service in Google News

When you have already managed to include several websites in Google News.

And you know all the little tricks and optimizations that you must do.

You could sell the service of including websites in Google News.

Giving as a guarantee that if you do not succeed you will not charge.

But if you do, You can charge at least $100.00 per website, so it can become very lucrative.

Optimize a website for Google News

I will give you some tips and recommendations that you should follow before sending the inclusion request.

Remember that all this will increase your probability of being accepted.

  • Create a news sitemap, I would recommend WordPress SEO News from Yoast, but you must make a good investment, so I will tell you the plugin that I use, it is free and you can find it at the end of the post.
  • Before sending the application, I recommend that you spend at least 15 days publishing 3 news a day and maintain the publication rate during and after the application, in my case I do it from Monday to Friday before sending the application and I have not had problems.
  • The Home should always be in the style of a blog, never a landing page.
  • You must keep in mind that the loading time of the website must be optimized, if it is less than 2 seconds, it the better for you.
  • Disable advertising, so it won’t be believed that your main objective is to monetize the traffic that will reach you.
  • Use the categories correctly, do not mix content or publish sponsored articles or reviews that do not correspond to the topic in the news category.
  • Don’t use CPA to monetize the website.
  • Periodically review the indexing and sitemap in the Search Console.
  • Do not modify the structure of permanent URLs because you will lose everything you have earned in Google News (links and traffic from previous articles).
  • Try to use a physical address and give your website a professional and serious appearance.
  • Once you have been accepted, if you plan to use AdSense, I recommend that you place the ads within the content and not in an intrusive way, a maximum of 3 ads, so choose and optimize the ones you will use well.

Thanks for Reading.

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