How to appear on Google News? – Tips and SEO

Discover how to appear on Google News from experts in this field. 

Is it as difficult as it is said? 

Read the article and find out!

Do you want to increase traffic and brand recognition? 

Possibly, Google News is one of the options that could best suit your project. 

But you wonder things like: “How can I appear on Google News?”. 

This question is quite common among our clients, and that is why for all those who need it.

We make this blog to resolve a widespread doubt.

In this blog, we will talk about tips and strategies that we have tried and that work.

But with something as opaque as Google, what works for me may not work for others. 

Despite this, a series of factors have been discovered that help make this possible. 

What is Google News?

Google News is a news aggregator tool.

Which automates the insertion of informative content from the main media outlets found in the search engine. 

Google News was born to be a neutral element in the promotion of the various articles that appear through this tool.

Therefore, as far as is known, it promotes content regardless of ideology and other social factors.

Why should your project appear on Google News? What advantages does it have?

You should know by now! 

The only thing that interests us about appearing on Google News is to achieve that absurd amount of traffic that can reach your website by the ton. 


Because this way you not only increase your traffic! 

Your brand exposure will also grow exponentially, and consequently, sales in your online business.

Think about this: How are you going to sell your product if they don’t know you? 

Shouldn’t you do everything possible to be seen in as many places as possible?

How to appear in Google News thanks to SEO

As its name indicates, Google News is only and exclusively for news websites. 

So you must create unique and valuable content that is also current, of course.

If you have a news website whose niche talks about engines.

NEVER, and I put it in capital letters, make florist content, You will destroy your project.

If your website is for a specific niche, you should talk solely and exclusively about that niche. 

Once you are clear about this.

You must take into account the aspect that technical SEO represents to appear in Google News.

  1. The URLs: The URL of your news must be static so that Google can crawl and index it as soon as possible and as well as possible.
  2. The HTML: It is recommended that the loading time of a website be as fast as possible since this will make you appear sooner on Google. Google uses HTML code to index your content, so the ideal is to have what is known as plain HTML code because it is not necessary to run Javascript.
  3. The Sitemap: In recent times, it has been seen that creating an XML Sitemap that is solely and exclusively dedicated to news. Because? Google uses this to crawl content.

SEO Google News: Other tips to appear on Google News

First I want to start with something you should not do, and that is copy. 

We think that Google does not realize it, but it will detect it, those two clicks and ‘Enter’ can condemn a project in minutes. 

Are you going to throw away all your effort for a practice like this?

If you want to learn how to appear on Google News.

You have to put into practice some of these strategies in terms of content:

1. Daily content

This is not negotiable, you must create content daily and also try to make this content as unique and valuable as possible.

2. Specialize:

He who covers a lot squeezes little. Specialize in a specific niche and try to become the benchmark for that niche. This increases your chances of appearing in Google’s index.

3. Web design:

The quick summary in this section is that the fewer elements in the article, the better. Never interrupt the HTML code if you want Google to detect your news article.

4. Be quick:

This is obvious, but I still tell you, the sooner you publish the content, the better. You will get ahead of your competition and that will increase your chances of ranking in Google News.

5. An optimized image:

Use eye-catching, sharp, quality images. Also use an optimized ALT attribute, although the main thing is to use an image that maintains a high retention rate, this will position you very highly in Google News. It is recommended that the image be JPG, but the WEBP format has emerged as one of the lightest image formats, I recommend using these seconds.

6. The title:

As they say in football, “short and to the point”, what do I mean by this? The headlines must fulfill a function, attract the user’s attention, and make them click.

7. Reduces loading times:

I have already told you before, but this, after the arrival of Core Web Vitals, is much more important, if not the most important.

In short, if what you want is to know how it appears in Google News, I have already told you everything that I try in my daily life and that works for me

Common mistakes to avoid

  • Not regularly updating your content: Google values ​​updated and relevant content.
  • Using deceptive SEO tactics: Google penalizes websites that use deceptive SEO tactics such as duplicate content or link sharing.
  • Not paying attention to user experience: If your website is difficult to navigate or takes a long time to load, users will not return.

Stay updated!

  • Google Discover and its algorithm are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the world of SEO.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to contact us at FullSEO for professional, personalized advice.

In short, getting featured on Google Discover can significantly improve your website’s visibility and reach. 

Make sure you optimize your content for SEO, create quality content, and improve user experience.

Thanks for Reading.

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