6 Tools to Create SEO Reports in 2024

After optimizing a web page with the available SEO tools, the ant work continues. 

Since Google is constantly updating its algorithms, frequent audits must be carried out on the page.

These audits will make it possible to verify that the optimizations previously carried out have not become outdated with respect to the changes made by Google, affecting the performance of the website.

This is where SEO reports come into the picture, playing an important role. 

Many of these organizations the results of the metrics thrown by the audit, with which there will be a precise guide to the strong points of the site, as well as the areas that must be reinforced so that it is always optimized.

What is an SEO Report?

An SEO report is a document where the results of the analysis carried out on a website are reported.

In it, all the measurements related to the positioning of the page in the search engines are incorporated to be able to determine what actions will have to be executed to improve its tracking, indexing, and authority in the search engine.

This set of measurements or metrics that constitute an SEO report is made up of the following elements:

  • On-Page SEO Analysis: the optimizations that are made within the web page, to help Google’s algorithms “understand” what it is about and index it more easily.
  • Analysis of backlinks or links from one web page to another web page: to verify that they have not been broken and to study possible link building, that is, the possibility of linking to other pages.
  • Study of keywords or keywords: allows to know the terms that people use when conducting an internet search. This is essential to improve the optimization of a website.
  • Content analysis: with this procedure, metrics are extracted (number of visits, time spent on the page, backlinks received, and the number of times a web page appears in the search engine). With this, it is measured that it is working properly.

SEO Report, a Compass to Optimize

SEO reports must be easy to read and understand.

This type of report measures the activity of a site or web page in its entirety, during a certain period of time.

From it, it can be seen how the site has evolved according to the optimizations implemented, which allows us to know what modifications must be made based on its constant improvement in terms of positioning in search engines and its authority on the web.

6 SEO Tools that are Inevitable! When Making a Report

In accordance with the previous lines, there is a wide variety of tools that you can use when you have to build a report, after having audited a web page. 

The following are the four tools that should not be missing when you have to prepare a valuable SEO report:


It is the most popular of all SEO tools today. 

With it, up to 500 pages of a given website can be analyzed and it is capable of detecting any type of errors that may be present, not bad!

In addition to the above, with the SEO Semrush tool you can estimate the traffic of visits to the site and know with which keywords it ranks; Also, it provides keyword recommendations that can be used and even offers ideas on trending topics to write about.

Although Semrush can be used for free, it is best to purchase a paid plan, since it only has a small number of uses per day for free.

Google Tag Manager

This tool manages all the tags used so that it is easier to update them, which is often done to maintain and improve the positioning of a web page in Google search engines.

With Tag Manager, Google seeks to simplify the management of code snippets when tracking a web page. 

So with this tool, the task of adding or editing tags is done directly on the platform, making optimization work much easier.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Also developed by Google, this tool provides guidelines and recommendations to ensure that a page loads quickly, regardless of the type of Internet connection that is being used.

This program includes the Chrome User Experience reports, to show real information on the performance of a website. 

Two types of metrics are included: First Contentful Paint and DOMContentloaded

These two results are compared to all the pages included in the report. 

When this is done, it is assigned any of those categories: 

  • Fast: The median is in the fastest third of all page loads.
  • Slow: The median is in the slowest third of all page loads.
  • Normal, the median is in the middle third of all page loads. 

As for the overall speed score, the same categories mentioned above are included. 

In this way, it adds relevant information on what needs to be modified on the web to optimize its performance. 

PageSpeed ​​Insights analyzes a given website and gives it a score ranging from 1 to 100.

The higher the score, the fewer adjustments you need to make.

The results of this analysis are carried out by the tool in accordance with its good practices document, which covers everything from uploading images to configuring the server.

Google Search Console

It is an SEO tool provided by Google for free. 

With it, you can provide maintenance, supervision, and solutions to the problems that a web page may have to position itself conveniently in Google search engines.

It is very useful to understand the “logic” with which Google works when positioning websites in its search engine.

It is a very complete SEO reporting tool, it serves to confirm that Google can find and crawl the site, request indexing of new or updated content, and solve possible problems that may arise during the process.

With Google Search Console, it is also possible to see how often a website appears in the search engine, under what type of queries it appears, and the number of times users clicks on it.

Screaming frog

This SEO tool analyzes a website in search of all the errors that prevent its good positioning in Google search engines.

It returns information about the links, images, and even codes used in the basic structure of a web page such as HTML, CSS, etc.

The Screaming Frog serves to see through the eyes of Google, that is, to observe what details the platform stops when accessing the web page, thus helping to improve the user experience.

Google Analytics

This is the main analytics platform that Google offers for free to track the performance of a site or application.

Google Analytics, offers a complete picture of the performance of a web page, generating reports derived from the incredible amount of data that it is capable of analyzing.

With this SEO tool, it is possible to know how many visitors a page or website receives, what they do on it, the way they navigate it, how much time they spend inside it, and when they leave it.

Once the data is collected, Google Analytics processes it and generates visual reports to identify patterns of page movement, making it much easier to read.

SEO reports are very important when it comes to optimizing the performance of a web page, from its smallest details. 

To achieve this, relying on the aforementioned tools is essential, both for digital marketing and SEO professionals and for those who are just getting started.

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