How can I Make My Website Appear on Google

Okay, you’ve put a lot of work into these last few days, weeks, and even months creating an incredible, super-beautiful website. 

Furthermore, you are in the perfect market niche and you are going to contribute a lot of value to the world with your project/company.

Okay, so far so good, but surely after finally launching the website with all your enthusiasm you will wonder: how can I make my website appear on Google? 

Well, that’s why we are here at WpSuggest, your SEO Friends, to help you in this interesting process. 


Let’s see it!

If You are not on Google, YOU DO NOT EXIST

I’m sorry it hurts but that’s how it is. 

It’s a pure reality. 

If someone wants information about anything, they will Google it and then ask their mother.

And this also applies to your website. 

If someone searches for information about something related to your company and your website does not appear on Google, you are wasting a great opportunity to attract potential customers.

Eye! Let’s not get confused and think that when we search for the name of our website or company and we appear on Google, that’s it, we have already discovered how to appear on Google. No.

Being featured on Google means that your website appears for ALL queries related to your sector and the services/products you offer, and if possible in the first position for all of them.

Putting your website on Google is as simple as going to our Search Console and from the “Inspect URL” section, requesting indexing from Google.

Now, after this simple step, there are many more SEO actions to be carried out so that what we mentioned before occurs: a good content marketing strategy, a good web architecture, a powerful link acquisition or link building strategy, and opting for through paid search engine advertising are some of the many actions you must take to start appearing on Google.

My website does not appear on Google, why?

There are several reasons why this may be happening:

  • Your page is recently created: patience. This SEO thing is not instantaneous. But if you do things as they should be done and as we explain to you from BigSEO, your website will appear on Google and in the first positions.
  • Your website is not indexed: it is one of the first steps you must take after creating a website and having entered some content on it. We have explained before how to send it to the Google index to force its crawling and subsequent indexing. But, in addition to this, you must submit your Sitemap through the Search Console. This will make it easier for Google to crawl all the URLs on your website.
  • Your page lacks quality and relevant content: a very important point. No matter how much content you create on your website, if it is not of QUALITY and is RELEVANT for the user, that is, it adds value, you will never be able to position your website on Google. Google increasingly understands this better and positions only quality content that satisfies the search intention of users. In the end, it is his goal: to be the best search engine in the world. Therefore, they must always offer the user the best information in the world. And that must be yours. Duplicate content is useless.
  • You don’t work on SEO: it is closely linked to the above. You must create relevant quality content, but it must also have a layer of SEO optimization. This means that this content must satisfy the user’s entire search intention when they perform a search on Google and, to do this, you must do good keyword research for each of the pages in which you are going to add content to your website. You must include, in a natural way and by structuring the content well, all the derived, synonymous, and semantic keywords that derive from the main keyword. At BigSEO we are a  content agency that works on these aspects in detail, so that all the content that is written provides value to the user and that your website is positioned on Google quickly.
  • You may have been penalized: if your website appeared in the search results and suddenly you stopped appearing, you may have suffered a penalty from our friend. You have to fix it as soon as possible!
  • You don’t pay: this is not mandatory for your website to appear on Google, but of course, if you want to appear first of all and you also want it yesterday, paid Google advertising is an option that you should consider. We are also an SEM agency and we are not in charge of creating paid advertising campaigns adapted to your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us if you finally decide on this option.

So, what can I do to get my website to appear on Google? 

Create a comprehensive strategy that attacks both SEO and Link building, content, and the rest of the aspects that affect positioning. 

Does all this overwhelm you? 

Well, make it easier, contact us, and at BigSEO we will do it for you!

Thanks for Reading.

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