What is a Lead Magnet? 10 Ideas to Make an Effective One: Step by Step Guide

Creating an attractive lead magnet for your target audience is a key point in any Inbound Marketing strategy.

In this way, visitors to your website can become potential customers.

But how to make an effective lead magnet?

In this article, we will talk about lead magnets, the benefits they have for your business, and how to design irresistible content for your audience step by step.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is free valuable content that is given to users in exchange for their contact information. 

Generally, your name and email.

Lead magnets are essential in any Inbound Marketing strategy.

And it is that it is of no use to us to create tremendously attractive content and bring traffic to our website or blog if users leave our page as soon as they consume them.

The lead magnet helps convert visitors into subscribers or leads. 

But why is it important within your strategy and for your business?

Advantages of Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet

Creating an attractive lead magnet is perfect for:

  • Increase qualified traffic to your website, improving SEO positioning.
  • Increase the notoriety of your brand through direct contact with the user. Your company or your personal brand thus becomes a benchmark in the sector.
  • Increase the business database with the contact of potential customers. In this way, by creating the appropriate content, we will be able to accompany customers through the different phases of the sales funnel and improve business results or build customer loyalty with our content.
  • In the event that you carry out several lead magnets, you will be able to correctly segment your audience based on the phase of the customer journey in which they are. And, thus, adapt your content strategy when it comes to guiding you through the different phases of the funnel.

What do You Need When Creating a Lead Magnet? Main Concepts

A lead magnet is free valuable content offered in exchange for contact details.

But, in addition to this content, there are other factors that come into play when designing a lead magnet.

Among them:

  1. Design the funnel or conversion funnel. In other words, define which are the phases of the funnel through which the user will go once they give their contact information. And also, what communications will be sent to you in each of these phases, accompanying you throughout the purchase process?
  2. Create an attractive Call To Action(CTA) that invites users to download the lead magnet. And, in addition, determine where that button is going to be placed and its appearance.
  3. Create an attractive landing page in which the user is invited to leave their data to access the lead magnet through a form. Remember to verify that the form works correctly and that the landing is displayed properly from all devices and loads quickly.
  4. Once users provide their contact details, they should be redirected to a thank you page with a download button or a lead magnet access link. Another option is to create an automated email that sends the lead magnet to the user’s email. To do this, you must use an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign.

How to Design an Effective Lead Magnet? Main Keys

Next, we are going to see the main steps that you must follow when creating a lead magnet that is attractive to your target audience.

Know Your Audience

It is important that your lead magnet solves a doubt or a problem of your target audience. 

And that, in addition, is related to the products or services that your company offers.

It is not the same to create a lead magnet for restaurants, real estate, or for entrepreneurs who want to gain followers on Instagram.

To do this, you must discern the different types of customers that your business may have and define your buyer persona.

Choose the Best Format for Your Lead Magnet

Later, we will see different examples of effective lead magnets.

However, when creating this content you must take into account which is the most appropriate format to prepare it.

And in this decision, the definition of the buyer persona is also relevant.

It can be a downloadable PDF guide, an Excel template, or a free video course. Which of these formats is the one that best solves the need of your potential client?

Create a Lead Magnet with Quality Content

Currently, there are many companies that have developed an Inbound Marketing strategy. 

And, for this reason, there is a multitude of lead magnets circulating through the network.

For this reason, it is important that you invest the necessary time in creating a quality lead magnet. 

Take it as a long-term investment.

And it is that creating low-quality content can have a negative impact on the image of your brand.

Also, in a market where lead magnets abound, the content has to be creative and original enough to encourage the user to provide their data.

It is important that you are not too general. 

That is, it solves a specific problem. 

And, in addition, it is attractive and has a professional appearance.

If you don’t have notions of graphic design, applications like Over can help you to lay out any type of document with a professional touch.

Optimize Your Landing

Creating an attractive and usable landing page so that the user can download the lead magnet is essential.

Check that it is displayed correctly on all devices, both computers and tablets or smartphones.

And do not forget to verify that the contact form works properly.

Otherwise, you would be losing the possibility of knowing and having an impact on potential clients.

Define Your Conversion Funnel

Describe where your customer is in the conversion funnel based on the downloaded lead magnet.

With this information, it is important that you can draw up a content strategy to guide you through the sales funnel and, in this way, convert the user into a potential customer.

10 Ideas to Create an Effective Lead Magnet for Your Business

You already know the benefits of creating a lead magnet and what factors you should take into account when creating one for your business.

Now, we are going to see a series of content examples that can be useful when creating a lead magnet.

Create a Free Online Course

Knowing your ideal client well, you can have a clear idea of ​​what needs they have and what knowledge would help them meet them.

Therefore, online training is a good lead magnet idea.

Launching a small online course, both in video and in PDF, is a good way to reach your target. 

To do this, you can choose:

  • Create a short course that tackles a very specific topic.
  • Take a course that is the prelude to another, longer and more in-depth training that you can market in your company.

Record a Masterclass

Creating an online video course may require a platform to host it and for users to see their progress.

Therefore, if you want to create a lead magnet based on online training but you do not have a platform to host it correctly, you can choose to create a masterclass.

So you can deal with a topic that solves a specific problem of your target.

In addition, it is enough that you record it only once and the user will be able to see the class when it suits him.

Organize a Live Webinar

Live webinars are all the rage. 

In fact, they are a great sales tool.

To organize one, you must focus on a need of your target and prepare a training of approximately 45 minutes.

Once finished, you can include a sales pill to convert attendees into customers.

Don’t forget to take advantage of broadcasting your training live.

It is a good opportunity to interact with the attendees and resolve their doubts or generate debate. 

Remember that, after all, they are potential customers of your business.

Create a Downloadable Template

Templates are tremendously popular. 

And it is that they allow users to save a large amount of time when solving a specific need.

Design a striking template that is impregnated with your brand. And remember to focus on the needs of your client.

For example, what would you think about creating a content calendar with special days, very useful for Community Managers? 

Or make a template in Excel to develop a budget in a simple way?

Launch an Exclusive Podcast

If you have a podcast that already has a loyal audience, releasing an exclusive episode is a good way to turn your listeners into subscribers.

Choose a striking theme and, if you feel like it, have another professional in the sector that can attract more audience. 

Success is assured!

Record an Audiobook

If your ideal client is a staunch advocate of multitasking, an audiobook might be the ideal lead magnet.

Select the theme, make an outline with the contents, and write your audiobook. 

And of course, make sure you have good equipment that guarantees sound quality.

Write an ebook

Electronic books have had an exponential boom in recent years. 

If you are the author or author of an e-book, letting subscribers read a small part of the book can be a good lead magnet.

Also, if they are left wanting more, a book can be a good source of passive income. 

Especially if the content does not become obsolete.

Write a Guide in PDF

This format, like the aforementioned masterclass, is perfect for addressing the solution to a very specific topic.

PDF guides are a very versatile format that can also contain links to other content on your website or blog.

Also, you can turn said guide into a workbook.

For example, incorporating questions in the content or checklists for certain processes.

Offer Discounts for Future Purchases

Offering a discount in exchange for subscribing to a newsletter is a very common practice within e-commerce.

Thus you encourage users not only to make a purchase but to buy more items encouraged by the offer.

To offer these discounts, you can choose to:

  • Include a top bar within your website in which you announce the discount percentage.
  • Add a pop-up window -pop up- with the subscription form. This will make it easier for users to exchange data.

A Freemium Subscription

The freemium model is tremendously popular on digital platforms.

In exchange for their contact details, users will be able to access the resources for free for a limited time.

Another option is to limit which resources users with a freemium account have access to.

Whichever option is chosen, companies have a good opportunity to provide valuable content to the user and convert them into a customer during the trial period.

How are You Going to Create Your Lead Magnet?

Now that you know 10 different ideas to create an effective lead magnet, what is holding you back?

Increasing your database, retaining users, and converting them into potential customers is within your reach.

Thanks for Reading.

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