How to Sell Courses Online: The Best Tips to Get Started

With the migration of many professions to the digital environment, learning how to sell online courses has been a great option for many professionals in various areas. 

After all, it is through Google searches and social media that many people have their first contact with what they want to learn.

But some professionals still have doubts about how to sell a course

Therefore, in this article, we select the best strategies to help you start with sales. 

Seize it!

Why Sell Courses Online?

Selling courses online can bring many benefits to both those who teach and those who learn. 

With this mode, it is possible to save time and money.

In addition, this can be an excellent way to stand out in your career, since it provides knowledge to other professionals who want to update themselves. 

In this way, it is possible to gain more authority within the niche of activity.

How to Sell Courses on the Internet?

Having understood the benefits of selling online courses, it is time to learn step by step to arouse interest in the course. 

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Create a Personality for Your Target Audience

It is the first step on how to sell those courses online and getting people’s attention. 

There are so many distractions competing in the digital environment that without a powerful and clear message, it will go unnoticed.

To achieve this, it is necessary to know very well the character of the course, a fictitious representation of the target audience. 

It is also important to know in depth your fears, anxieties, challenges, and desires.

The course must be seen as the greatest ally of the public to overcome the greatest challenges. 

The more you can position the brand in that way, the more people will buy the service.

Define the Format of Your Digital Course

The Internet allows the course to have many different formats. 

Therefore, knowing how to define the best for each moment can also help sales. 

Will the course be online only or will there also be face-to-face classes? 

Will it be for all ages? 

Will a certificate be delivered?

So, think about these issues for a while, as new format possibilities may arise that will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and sell the course.

Offer a Free Exchange

One of the worthwhile sales strategies is to use an e-book with tips from the course and, in the end, invite the person to a sales page where the online course is offered.

If the content of the e-book helps people to solve a specific problem, it will generate a feeling of reciprocity, and the possibility of selling a course is greatly increased.

Create a Blog for Dissemination

Many people search the Internet to answer their questions on various topics. 

Therefore, creating a blog that answers these questions can become an authority for the public.

At the end of each article, make an invitation to the sales page of the online course. 

Also, having a special and limited-time offer is one of the sales techniques that creates a sense of urgency and prevents the person from putting it off.

Advertise on Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the best ways to be found by those who are already looking for courses. 

It is possible to create persuasive ads for those who search for your chosen keywords and make many sales on the Internet.

Create Paid Ads on Social Media

Another option to sell a course is to advertise it on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

With the Facebook Ads Manager, it is possible to segment the audience according to interests and age groups. 

Make a persuasive call and use creative imagery to grab the public’s attention.

How to Monetize an Online Course?

After creating your course, it’s important to know the best ways to monetize it. 

There are several ways to monetize a website

Below we show you the 3 main ones, choose the one that best suits your sales plan.

  • SVOD: with this model, a subscription is charged and the plans can be monthly, semi-annual, or annual. By paying, the subscriber has access to all content.
  • TVOD: This is the transactional model. In it, a single value is chosen for each course, monetizing via pay-per-view.
  • AVOD: This option leaves the courses open and monetizes them through ads.

Keep Investing in Your Digital Content to Sell Courses

Did you enjoy learning more about how to sell courses? 

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