How To Position Yourself In Google For Free

SEO is one of the main online marketing strategies to implement in any project. 

Any company seeks to position its website in Google since when we search for something, we almost always look at the first results that appear.

This positioning in search engines is essential to increase traffic and conversions for any business.

Therefore, you may think that positioning yourself in Google must be expensive. 

However, in some cases, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

In this article, you will find the best free techniques to improve SEO in Google search results.

Let’s start!

How to Position Yourself in Google? 5 Free Techniques

The most effective ways “to position in Google for free” are creating content, using keywords, solving the user’s search intention, adding images and videos, and using link building.

Creating Unique Content

To know how to position yourself in Google for free, the first thing we have to resort to is to explain why quality content is so important.

It is a key factor for SEO because it helps Google understand what your site is about and rank it properly in search results.

Whether it is a website or an online store, through a blog you can generate content that will help you attract an audience interested in your business.

And when we refer to “unique” and “quality”, it must be simple and easy-to-understand language, that contributes something new and not duplicated and that includes a little more valuable information than the rest of the articles that already exist.

For example, if you have a recipe website and you write an article on the blog, in addition to the text, include a video or image and an infographic, with some extra advice.

The key is to analyze the competition and try to overcome what exists, already published. 

And, of course, you must update the content periodically, since you do not rank for life.

How to Search for Free Keywords to Improve positioning in Google? 

To position your project in Google it is essential to use keywords in the content. 

And since we are talking about techniques that do not have an economic cost, yes, it is also possible to search for free keywords.

As you know, keywords or keywords are the words or phrases that users use to search on Google.

By including these keywords in your web or blog content, you increase the chances that your site will appear in search results when users make the query.

Add them in the URL of the article, throughout the text, in the title and meta description, as well as in the headers, which is what SEO on the page is. 

You can also use them when naming the images.

But don’t overuse them, as this can be considered “keyword stuffing” and can hurt your positioning, instead of improving it.

To search for keywords there are free techniques and tools that you can use. 

For example, Google recommended searches and user questions. 

Also with the free version of Semrush, as we will see, a little later, in this article.

Resolving Search Intent

Ask yourself a question and we return to the previous example, from the recipe website:

Suppose this website is yours and you are looking for… How to make rice with seafood?

And here comes the question, ask yourself what you would like to find in the results of your query.

That they will explain everything to you step by step, right?

Well, that is what must be applied to the website, offering the user what he expects to find, that is, responding to his search intention.

Focus on solving possible doubts and needs, retain the user for longer, and favor positioning.

Google will reward your website, thanks to this essential factor, and will improve your SEO positioning.

Obviously, if the structure and design of your website are optimized and easy to navigate, have an attractive design, and are adapted to all devices, it will make visitors stay longer and return to visit frequently, thus improving the user experience and its positioning.

Include Images and Videos in Your Content

An article enriched and complemented with multimedia files helps your website to position itself.

Name the images using the alt tag, this will help Google understand the content of the image and improve the positioning of your website.

For example, if you have a CMS like WordPress on your website, you can use an image optimization plugin, there are free and paid ones to optimize your images automatically. 

These plugins allow you to automatically optimize your images when uploading them to your website, helping to reduce file size and speed up site loading speeds.

It is recommended to use the webp format for images, as it is much lighter than traditional formats such as jpg or png. 

Some of the plugins mentioned above save the images in webp format directly.

In our blog, you will find more tips to optimize the SEO of your images.

When uploading videos to your website, you should ideally compress them before uploading. 

This will help reduce the file size and speed up the loading of your website. 

You can use free tools like Handbrake to compress your videos. Remember our tips to position videos.

Using Link Building

Links are essential to rank on Google, as they help search engines understand the authority and relevance of a website.

Google assumes that if a website has a lot of quality links pointing to it, it is likely to contain valuable content and be crawled and indexed sooner.

The links can be considered as “references” for a website, and the more links you have the better, as long as they are on the same topic.

Ok, so you may wonder… How can I generate links for my website for free?

You can create interesting content on your blog and share it on social networks.

You can also write an article on a blog on the same topic as yours, in exchange for backlinks pointing to your blog.

Or, for example, looking for thematic forums in which we can leave a link when registering or making a comment.

Create a Free Google My Business Profile

For local businesses, there’s Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, which gives you a tab to create and set up a free business profile and make sure your contact information is up to date.

It allows you to put your contact information, location, images and videos, customer reviews, and also a “news” option in which you can post your brand, product, or service.

This will help your website appear in local search results and increase the visibility of your business.

Free Tools to Improve Positioning

There are free SEO tools that you can use to improve the search engine ranking of your website. 

Some of the tools are:

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two analytical and SEO tools, essential to help us position your website on Google for free

Google Analytics

Analytics is a free tool from Google that offers you an analysis of the traffic, conversions, and behavior of visitors on your website, once they are inside. 

These data help us in making decisions, in order to improve the positioning of our website.

Google Search Console

Search Console is a free tool from Google that allows you to monitor performance and helps you troubleshoot your website’s appearance in Google Search results. 

It is a key tool for any SEO project.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a free tool that allows you to create content around keywords in order to improve your SEO positioning.

What it does is, starting with a keyword, it generates a series of questions related to the word in question, offering you hundreds of ideas for your content.


Semrush is a digital marketing tool that helps you analyze and improve the SEO of your website since it offers information on your keywords and those of your competition, which will help you make decisions in your marketing strategy.

With the free Semrush account, you can do some basic actions for the SEO of your website:

Keyword Research

The free version of Semrush allows you to search for up to 10 keywords per day, obtaining 10 results for each search, with data such as:

  • The monthly search volume.
  • The difficulty of the keyword.
  • Identify the type of search intent, that is, if it is informative, browsing, commercial, or transactional.
  • The cost for the term with paid ads.

And if you sign up, you get a 7-day free trial where you can use all the features without limit.

Competitor Analysis

It offers you a competitive analysis to investigate your competitors and understand how they are working on the SEO of their websites.

In the ” domain overview ” function you have the possibility to search up to 10 domains a day for free, giving you the following information:

  • Domain authority.
  • The traffic and the keywords that the domain has positioned by country.
  • paid traffic.
  • The number of backlinks or links that the domain of the web in question has.

As you can see, it is a very powerful tool, even in its free version, that you can use.

Please note that Semrush’s free features have some daily query limits. 

So you can get full access to the features and a higher number of inquiries, as they offer various subscription plans.

You can see types of subscriptions: Pro, Guru, and Business. 

  • Pro is the basic subscription, perfect for small projects.
  • Guru is the most popular for SMEs and agencies.
  • Business is the option for agencies and e-commerce businesses with a significant online presence.


Based on the fact that positioning in Google is not immediate, you have already seen how you can start to position your website in Google for free

As we have explained to you, there are techniques that help you achieve this, but it is important to bear in mind that SEO is a continuous process and you must continue working to achieve results that bring you business opportunities.

It is important to continue implementing updated strategies to improve the positioning in the search results and maintain it over time.

In short, to position yourself in Google for free, stay with the idea that your content meets the search intention, use keywords that attack that intention, and work on links or backlinks, which provide authority to your website.

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