How to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Website?

Search engines use various factors to rank websites. 

There is one in particular that has given a lot to talk about: the domain authority . 

Learn everything you need to know about it, in this content.

Do you know what this term means?

This is a metric developed by Moz as a way to see the potential of a domain to reach the top positions in Google and receive more web traffic . 

In addition to this, it helps to measure the efforts that a company is making in terms of SEO and compare the results with the competition.

Scored on a scale from 1 to 100 , we can identify it as follows:

  • From 40 to 50 – medium authority;
  • From 50 to 60 – good authority;
  • Over 60 – excellent authority.

It is essential to pay attention to domain authority, because it directly impacts the possibility of finding brands in a digital environment. 

A large part of your potential customers search on Google about the products and services that your company offers.

To get an idea, who is in the first position of Google has a click rate 200% higher than a site in the second position. 

It’s a big difference, right?

Now that you know the importance of domain authority, we will introduce you to how you can improve your performance in the digital world. 

Take a look at our tips!

In this Content You will Find:

Step by step to improve the domain authority of your brand

  1. Do an organic keyword search
  2. Create quality content for your audience
  3. Add relevant internal and external links
  4. Use social networks as your allies
  5. Observe page load speed
  6. Make your website responsive for different formats

Tools that help raise domain authority

  • MozBar
  • Neil Patel
  • SEMrush

Optimize the Domain Authority of Your Page!

Step by step to improve the domain authority of your brand.

1. Do a Keyword Search

To get organic traffic, it is important that your website is relevant; that is to say, that it answers the common doubts of your clients or meets their needs. 

In this scenario, keywords have a fundamental role, since they are the ones that attract the attention of those who are searching in the search mechanisms.

Find the most used keywords and incorporate them into your content . 

Remember to use secondary keywords as well, which are variations that can be useful when searching by domain authority .

2. Create Quality Content for Your Audience

Creating quality content is essential for good SEO practices . 

Despite not being a technique per se, if the material is not good, it will not generate visits and, consequently, there will be no improvement in domain authority.

You must invest in content marketing . 

Offer quality information that focuses on important details on the subject and that answers the most pressing questions of readers. 

In this way, you will be demonstrating that you are an authority on the subject, something that Google assumes as positive.

3. Add Internal and External Links with Relevance

Linking to other existing content on your page is one way to keep your audience engaged. 

This, because it shows concern in increasing the knowledge of the reader, at the same time that the rate of permanence of the website increases.

External links are also good strategies, as long as they are qualified and add value to the text. 

If, for example, you talk about an investigation, you can place the link of the page where you found it.

Now, if you have a gastronomy website, for example, and you create a link to a fashion website, this can be seen as a negative backlink , since it has no relation to the topic and can seem forced.

4. Use Social Networks as Your Allies

Another factor that improves domain authority is engagement with social networks. 

Google even uses that interaction to identify good quality content. 

A link that gets a lot of likes and comments appears to be something different.

Therefore, remember to be active on these apps as well. 

When creating calls to action , add share buttons to the main networks, as this enhances the ability to reach more readers.

5. Observe the Loading Speed of the Page

A page that takes a long time to load can have a high bounce rate and, consequently, see your domain authority crumble. 

This is because few people have the patience to wait, causing them to give up and look for another website faster.

You must be attentive to this detail and analyze what causes slowness; It may be the excess of images or videos, which may exceed the capacity of your contracted web hosting .

6. Convert Your Responsive Website to Different Formats

Another factor that helps improve domain authority is having a responsive website; that is, it adapts to any device. 

Nowadays, more and more people keep up to date and make purchases through their cell phones, for example.

It is important to note that not being responsive not only hurts ranking in mobile search engines, but also causes your company to lose visitors.

Tools that Help Raise Domain Authority

There are many tools that can help verify the domain authority of a page, and improve it. 

We present three of the best known.


It is an SEO toolbar compatible with Google Chrome that provides instant metrics when viewing any page. 

It offers several functionalities, including:

  • Creation of personalized searches;
  • Access to important metrics;
  • Domain Authority Scores;
  • Keyword difficulty display.

Neil Patel

This tool generates an analysis report of your website. 

In addition, it points out the SEO errors that you need to correct to improve domain authority and also presents the step by step that must be done.

It also allows you to test the loading speed and the quality of the backlinks used.


SEMrush is considered one of the most complete tools today. 

Through it, it is possible:

  • Perform technical SEO audit
  • Monitor position;
  • Analyze the use of backlinks;
  • Get a list of related keywords;
  • Get ideas to improve organic traffic.

Optimize the Domain Authority of Your Page!

Obtaining domain authority is important, not only to stay on top of search mechanisms, but to reach potential customers.

It is essential to adopt good SEO practices and pay special attention to the user experience. 

The more complete, exclusive, organized and agile your website is, the greater the chances that your client will find you.

To help you in this mission, we have other content that may interest you. 

Find out how to drive traffic to your website and let us know what you think.

Thanks for Reading.

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