6 Ways to Use GPT-4 for Your Company in 2023

GPT-4, the latest model of artificial intelligence language from the Californian company OpenAI, is truly powerful.

It is capable of completing a simple dialogue between two individuals, asking questions and answering, or finishing a poem in the best Rilke style. 

In this article you will learn a little more about this technology that has gained supporters and critics alike.

What is GPT

The Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) is a natural language model (NLP) created by OpenAI.

And trained with data from the internet to generate any type of text.

What is GPT-4 for?

GPT models are trained on large amounts of textual data to learn patterns and relationships in natural language. 

Its neural network is made up of more than 175,000,000 machine learning parameters .

Once trained, these models can be used to complete sentences, generate answers to questions.

Or even write entire texts on a variety of topics .

Currently, GPT-4 is the latest and most advanced model. 

For scale, the language model trained before this was Microsoft’s Turing Natural Language Generation (NLG), which had 10,000,000 parameters. 

Since the beginning of 2021 GPT-4 is the largest neural network.

The GPT-4 is characterized by being able to produce coherent and natural texts with very little human direction. 

It has been trained on a massive amount of textual data and can perform various processing tasks with a high degree of accuracy.

Who Invented the GPT-4

GPT-4 was created by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research organization based in San Francisco, California. 

It is a company founded by a group of businessmen and scientists, including Elon Musk, Sam Altman and Greg Brockman .

It is important to note that, specifically, GPT-4 was created by a team of researchers led by scientist Ilya Sutskever.

Differences Between GPT-4 and ChatGPT

Claiming that ChatGPT and GPT-4 are the same is making a mistake. 

Both are different versions of the OpenAI family of generative language models and have the following differences:

  • GPT-4 is developed by OpenAI, while ChatGPT by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) , a non-profit organization.
  • ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot prototype and GPT is a much more complete and robust system.
  • Regarding the size, ChatGPT has 20 million parameters and GPT 175 million.
  • GPT is capable of performing a wide range of natural language processing tasks, while ChatGPT is designed to model conversations and generate responses.

In general, ChatGPT and GPT are very powerful language models.

But they are designed for different purposes and have different strengths and weaknesses.

How You Can Use GPT-4 in Your Company

GPT-4 opens up a great world of possibilities to facilitate the work of writers, programmers or designers. 

At the moment the result is quite basic compared to the work that a human would be able to develop.

But the potential that such technology holds is enormous.

Now that you know what GPT-4 is and how it works.

Let’s see how it can make life easier for us in the business and corporate environment.

1. Generation of Texts

GPT-4 is capable of developing texts from a single statement and, in one way or another, “filling in” the rest of the text by processing more than 170 billion conditions and parameters. 

This tool was fed with data from other organizations such as Common Crawl.

Dedicated to collecting all public information on the Internet; WebText2, a collection of texts extracted from different websites; from books; and, of course, from Wikipedia.

It is capable of generating text for all kinds of websites, social media ads, video scripts, among others. 

Thus, with a few simple indications of our needs, GPT-4 will be able to develop a precise text in different styles: from the most generic to the most strategic, depending on our needs.

Additionally, GPT-4 is also capable of translating texts into different languages ​​in a matter of seconds. 

But what is most striking is its ability to adapt the resulting text to different styles of writing: journalistic, novel, formal , among others.

In this way, he tries to get rid of the artificial character. 

However, the tool does not have the capacity to differentiate if the created text makes sense or if, on the contrary, it does not. 

However, many people found it unsettling to read the article GPT-4 wrote for The Guardian: Still Scared, Human ?

In spite of everything, it is necessary to carry out a second evaluation of the resulting content to give the editorial and SEO layer.

And thus favor the positioning in search engines, especially for the texts that will be used in landing pages and websites. 

Therefore, human intervention remains essential. 

2. Brainstorm More Efficiently

A brainstorming is effective as long as effective notions come out of it. 

In fact, the more ideas that are discussed, the more likely you are to find a correct solution. 

GPT-4 can be a great ally in this type of meeting, because with a simple order of the type “I want ideas to sell x or y  thing”.

This tool can generate results that you may find ideal and effective for your project.

3. Composing Emails

With GPT-4 it is possible to compose emails by giving you some simple guidelines about what we want to say in the body of the message. 

The functionality of this tool is quite simple, since you only have to write the text, summary or bullet points of your email, or select an existing template and GPT-4 will improve it in just a few seconds. 

In case the result does not convince you, you can delete it and try again.

4. Smart Chatbots

Chatbots are a widely used tool to offer users immediate answers within our website. 

However, on several occasions these conversations, being so limited, do not satisfactorily resolve the doubts of customers and users. 

Through GPT-4, a chatbot can be more precise and give more accurate answers, providing more effective and personalized attention . 

This, of course, translates into a better user experience.

5. Creation of Landing Pages

GPT-4 is capable of writing code just by indicating how you want your landing page or web page to look. 

Once the tool gives you the HTML code, you will only need to copy and paste it to get the result you are looking for. 

With GPT-4, web development processes can be streamlined, which will be beneficial for businesses. 

However, this tool is still far from being an ideal solution for creating complex websites with advanced features, such as e-commerce or internal applications.

6. Analysis of Unstructured Data

GPT-4 can be applied to the analysis of unstructured data, such as audio, photos, and text files, and allows users to enter a text message specifying the desired structure for the data and giving some examples. 

The system will return a table of results with the indications provided.

Seeing these examples and possible applications that will come to make our day to day much easier, we can only wonder what else the new language models of the future will give us. 

It is clear that GPT-4 is confirmation that now, more than ever, the field of natural language processing is advancing rapidly.

This system stands out because it provides users with a general-purpose interface, giving it the flexibility to be used in the development of any task.

It is important to mention that the advancement of this type of technology could translate not only into greater productivity.

But also into a change in the way of working , which is why this technology has also earned its detractors. 

What do you think?

Thanks for Reading.

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