Content Marketing: The 6 Biggest Lies That You Should Ignore

Every day you hear more about content marketing.

More and more experts emerge, and lies, half-truths, or simply advice are told that makes you think that simply by having a blog you are going to become a guru of something.

As I think there is an overdose of information on this subject.

I do not want to write advice in this post so that you can succeed with your content.

I just want to demystify some things that I have seen written so that we begin to be realistic and know how to filter the information we receive, avoiding infoxication.

Content marketing is not having a blog or writing like crazy.

It’s a strategy that implies a process that begins with research.

Goes through the creation and ends with the measurement of results and the achievement of objectives.

For this reason.

I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the great inventions that have been woven around content marketing.

We Uncover the Big Lies of Content Marketing

1. To Attract Customers You Just Have to Give Them Good Content

Welcome to the big lie of the world of content marketing!

We have all read millions of posts where that tell us about the importance of content in these times.

That’s true, content creation is very important to make yourself known and build trust in your brand.

The biggest mistake happens when you think it’s enough to write and that’s it, this is a lie!

No matter how good you are.

Either you know the rules to promote that content well at the right time, place, and to the right audience or you are wasting your time.

The content is not a magnet that attracts people, what attracts them is the quality, the dissemination that you make of it, and your efforts to promote it.

Think about it; 

It is as if I write a macro thesis on the veracity of the arrival of man on the moon.

If I save it on my hard drive, no matter how good it is, only I will read it.

Or I publish it in this WpSuggest blog in which the readers are not passionate about the moon.

Because it is a certain fact that I am not going to succeed at all.

To get to you I need to get to know you.

Let you know that I have written that and also do it in the right channels and with the right vocabulary.

That is why creating the profile of your ideal reader within your content marketing strategy is so important.

I have found thousands of tweets that in the end contained a good post and that I have arrived at by chance or out of boredom.

On the contrary, I have also seen others that in the end are complete bullshit.

But in which the headline attracted me and I clicked to read it.

To promote the content, it is not enough to just publish a couple of tweets and posts on Facebook.

The promotion takes place, right from the process of creating that content plan, in which you build a message.

Set yourself some objectives that respond to the needs of your target audience and follow a strategy.

That is why it is important to first investigate who you want to address.

What do they like to read, what they do not like, and which articles are the most shared…

Another important mistake is to believe that the content generates sales for you

I’m sorry to tell you that by itself, it does not generate them.

Content marketing is a planned process, whose first objective should be to make yourself known and create your own brand.

If you have been constant, you have a good strategy and you have managed to gain the trust of your readers.

That is when you can think about selling them something.

Face it, none of us are Justin Bieber (fortunately) nor do we have a legion of fans who don’t lose track of us.

2. Everyone can and Should Write Content

Maybe you have ever read something like “ why should everyone have a blog ?” 

Or someone has told you that the ideal thing for your company is to write on a blog, especially if you are the CEO or founder.

The most used arguments are that, this way you will strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Because they like to know how you think and because you have to be at the forefront now the most trending thing is that you write in a blog.

You may have also heard that having a blog favors the creation of your own personal brand.

In my opinion, this is half true, i.e.:

Can everyone take photos? 


Can everyone take good photos even if they have the best camera on the market? 


Well, the same thing happens in the world of content creation.

Anyone is capable of writing but this does not imply that we are all qualified to dedicate ourselves to it.

Just like having your own online presence and blog can boost your personal brand, it can also destroy it.

Remember, everything you write is recorded in the great memory of the internet.

There are people who directly “shoot” other people’s articles just to show content or who do not know the rules to publish, write and make an appropriate strategy for your company.

They also don’t know about promotion and positioning.

So without that learning, they are wasting valuable time, and time, in the end, is money.

Therefore, if you have decided to have a blog.

Read a lot and learn from the best.

Let yourself be guided and advised by experts and if not, shoemaker to your shoes.

3. The more You Post, the Better Results

The phrase is controversial because all the expert recommendations and our own experience indicate that it is.

Having a high and constant publication frequency is very good for SEO and keeping your readers.

But, in reality.

I have highlighted this point because of the bad practices that I see in the blogs of many companies that take the statistics literally and publish a post practically every day.

That’s fine, but as long as they don’t neglect quality, and that’s precisely what they do.

If the content on a daily or weekly basis is good, you will have your readers glued to their screens.

If you lower the quality or start to treat topics very lightly in order to speed up your posts and your publication frequency, you will be wasting time.

You will only be creating digital noise and you will end up boring your readers.

Who will begin to consider your content marketing strategy as a clear example of spam?

Many companies choose to outsource the creation of content to freelancers or companies that, for a super cheap price, are in charge of delivering articles to them weekly.

These companies do not know your brand, nor do they care to know it. 

They are not interested in your business either because they only care about the objective that you have set for them: the amount.

Do you want to have a mediocre blog? 

Is your brand mediocre? 

If the answer is no, bet on quality.

The content must form, inform and entertain, if it does not comply with this, it does not make sense.

4. Your Best Article Should Only be Published on Your Blog

Here, we are faced with a half-truth…

The idea of ​​this phrase comes from the fact that if you publish your best article on your blog.

People will associate it with your brand, it will generate traffic, links, and so on.

This is true, but it only makes sense if you already have a community that knows you.

That is if you have the possibility of writing on a more popular site than yours.

Don’t keep this super post that you have prepared in your bedroom.

On the contrary, use it.

Because possibly on that platform you write on, you will reach more people since it has more users.

Keep in mind that if they like what you write, those users will not hesitate to visit you and possibly become loyal readers.

The Grace of the Internet is Sharing!

Don’t be afraid to write your best content for others because that can be the shuttle that makes you get your community and the positioning you are looking for.

This, above all, is done a lot by companies, who want to show the best on their own website.

It’s all very well, but many of them are newcomers and don’t have a reputation yet.

Why waste a good opportunity like this to make yourself known?

5. One or Two Posts are Enough to Succeed

Content marketing is something that is worked on in the long term

It’s not instant! 

In addition, content marketing is a constant task that requires planning.

It is useless to publish one or two posts and forget about your blog or your social networks for some time.

This is about building a community and in the end, it’s like friends, you have to keep it and not forget about it.

If you think that by publishing a couple of articles you will rise in the rankings like foam and you will already be the biggest influencer in the kingdom.

You are wrong.

We live fast and we want quick solutions, we are terrified of thinking about actions in the medium-long term.

Many companies think that by creating one or two pieces, they are already in the world of content marketing. 

This is a big mistake!

The only truth is that the world of content is a long-distance race and not a final marathon.

Brands must prepare for results over time and not instantly.

6. An SEO will Make You Rise in the Rankings if He is in Charge of Creating Your Content

Years ago, link building was quick and cheap.

In fact, many SEOs got into their boots performing bad practices to get those poor-quality links, until Google got mad and changed everything.

The problem with this is that there are many people who continue to associate SEOs with the generation of content and that is not true, they are more technical than creative.

This does not mean that they are not capable of writing, but they have other goals than generating a brand and a community.

They seek to be first in the rankings and although it is an objective that we all share.

Content marketing professionals pursue that knowledge and engagement with the user.

I still receive emails from agencies that offer me link exchanges on my blog.

I have reached a point that no longer surprises me.

It is true that the content can be used to attract links and that is not bad.

But it should not be the ultimate goal and, above all, look for those links to be of quality.


If you decide to embark on the fascinating adventure of content.

First of all train yourself well to be able to implement a good communication and promotion strategy.

Content marketing is not just about writing and waiting to be read.

You need planning and actions to reach your desired audience and create a community with which to share.

Most important of all.

don’t forget that quality must come first, do not blind yourself to publishing 4 weekly posts.

Set achievable and measurable goals and above all, do not despair because you will get the results over time.

Thanks for Reading.

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